Jewellery Appraisals:

  • Passport, credit card size or letter size reports

  • Digital Photograph

  • Detailed description of item and stones (if applicable)

  • Retail, Wholesale or Insurance Value.


   Diamond Grading:

  • Clarity

  • Colour

  • Cut

  • Weight

  • Value (if needed)

  • Plotting

  • Digital Picture

   Laser Inscription:

  • Please choose and read the “LASER INSCRIPTION” option in the menu selection


   Cut Grading:

  • Gem Lab uses the world’s latest and most advanced full cut grading technology for loose unmounted diamonds

  • Gem Lab uses a machine to determine all aspects and details of the cut grading of a diamond, this in turn eliminates any errors that can occur by grading the cut of a diamond with the naked eye or any other manual machinery.

  • Our cut grading machine produces a variety of reports with the following information: weight, diameter, depth, crown angle and height, pavilion angle and height, culet size, culet off center ,table size, table off center, stars, plotting, lower and upper girdle and more

  • Our machine supports many shapes - Round, Princess, Oval, Marquise, Pear, Triangle, Heart, Radiant, Asscher, Cushion, Emerald...

  • Gem Lab can provide separate Cut Grading reports with all of the details mentioned above

   Fire Trace:

  • When a customer walks into a jewelry shop to buy a diamond, the decision of which diamonds to purchase relies heavily on how much a diamonds fire and sparkle bring it to life.

  • After extensive research Gem Lab now has an instrument that not only measures a diamond and mathematically simulates its light–reflecting properties, but can also determine how much "life" there is in a stone.

  • Our Firetrace machine uses ray tracing technology

  • - Our machine measures BRIGHTNESS – white light reflected up through the top of the diamond
    FIRE – Coloured light reflected from within the diamond
    Scintillation – Intense sparkles in the diamond when the stone moves


   Consulting: FREE

  • Overview of 4 c's

  • Giving general knowledge to client before a purchase of a diamond or jewellery item.

  • Verifying a purchase


   Travel Documents:

  • Ideal for travelling for customers

  • Passport or letter size document

  • Digital photograph

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